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6 Month Check-Up

Picture this. You’re sat with your best friend, in a little field sipping on pink lemonade in a city that you’ve not yet discovered. You’re both picking daisies from the grass talking about everything from your future plans and family drama to the latest gossip. The sun is so warm on your back you begin to think that Summer’s actually arrived- and after sitting in it for 4 hours and having severe tan lines you know that it’s a certainty. This is just what you needed: a lengthy catch up, a cute picnic and all the time in the world to just breathe. This is Summer.


This is the moment you realise that this year has already gone so fast. You’re in May, nearly half of the year has gone. And while you try to reel off all the things in your head that you’ve done that make the passing of this time worthwhile, you acknowledge that you’ve come so far since this time last year and yet there’s so much more to do.

And before you start to think that this is going to be a post about things to do this Summer, let me stop you there. This little post is your reminder that this is your time. I know it’s exam season for so many of you right now and work, revision and deadlines are mounting up so badly you feel like you’re drowning in academia, but just take 10 minutes, get a cup of tea – we need a little chat.
edit3 (1)

I feel like I have a bit of insight for you. Since being on my gap year, I’ve realised that time is now, sounds ridiculous I know. But this moment that you’re in right now is only going to happen once. So yes, it’s important to work hard and get the grades or meet the deadlines you need to, they’ll help you get to where you want to go. But please, do not get so caught up in aiming for the future and wishing years of education away because you’ll miss out on now and you’re never going to get this time back.

So what I’m saying is once you’ve done pushing yourself over this final hurdle take time to go on random walks with no clear destination, spend hours talking to your best friend about boy drama, go to that gig, stay out till the sun comes up and dance till your feet hurt. But also stay in bed on Sunday mornings, make your mum a cup of tea, stand outside with nothing on your feet, gaze at the stars and realize how small you are. We get one life, so do what you want with your time but make it a combination of madness and what some would call the mundane. Be active, don’t just observe.


And I promise you, then you’ll have that moment, when you’re sat there at one o’clock in the morning and you’ll come to the realisation that you’re the happiest you’ve ever been.

Leah xxx


PhotoBook|DisneyLand Paris













Enjoy a few photographs from my recent visit to Disneyland Paris. You can see more over on my Instagram at LeahPelly.



How To Ride The Paris Metro

If you’re going to be spending some time in Paris and want to explore the incredible city and take in the wonders of all the attractions, then you’ll find that the easiest and quickest way to do so is by using the Paris Metro. I know that using a Metro in another country can be quite daunting especially if your knowledge of the language is limited to GCSE vocabulary like mine, but once you get started it’s easier than you think.

When my friend and I recently travelled to Paris we used the Metro everyday- getting us not only to the main sites such as The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and The Eiffel Tower but we also used it to get to Disneyland Paris – something that without using the Metro we probably wouldn’t have done. We found it was fairly easy to navigate with a little help from google – take a look at our tips and insider info below.


I would recommend that planning is key to making the most of your time in Paris – particularly if you’re only there for a few days. We were lucky enough to find a Paris Metro map leaflet in the hostel that we stayed at. I’m sure you’d be able to pick one of these up from the Train or Metro Station or in your Hotel/Hostel lobby. From the map we found it was easier to look at where the different attractions were, which zone they were in and how far apart they were from each other. Looking at the distances between them and grouping the closest ones together meant that we were more organised and saved time.

On our first day in France, we went to Disneyland  – as we knew we were going to be there the whole day we decided to just purchase two single tickets. Whereas, for our other two days in Paris we had a list of places that we wanted to squeeze in and see so we found it was best to get a 2 day, zone 1-3 ticket which cost us around 20 euros. This meant that we could travel anywhere in zones 1-3 across the two days, which made hoping on and off the Metro ,in between sightseeing, super easy. The ticket allowed us to travel from our hostel in Colonel Fabien to all the major attractions.




We purchased both of the two types of tickets we used (singles and the day pass) from the Metro station closest to our hostel and I’m pretty sure they can be purchased at any Metro station. We got them from a machine and paid in cash as it was easiest for us. There was a handy English language option on the ticket machine which made getting tickets a lot simpler for us but there was also a couple of other language options available including Spanish and obviously, French.




We found that getting the day travel cards was so much easier than purchasing singles as otherwise it could of got confusing as for some journeys you need to use a few different Metro trains and it worked out far more cost effective.

If you do ever have a problem with understanding the Metro machine then speak to a person at the Information Desks that are in most stations – the people are friendly and tend to speak pretty good English.



The best way we found to navigate the Metro was with Google Maps. It’s just so simple. Put in where you are going to and where from, click the Metro option of how you’re getting there and it will tell you how far away your nearest Metro station is and how long it will take you to walk there, give you the name of the Metro you need, the end destination, how many stops it is until you need to get off and also which exit to take from the Metro as sometimes there can be a few.

Please be aware though that google maps will try and translate some of the stop names into English for you, which can be a little confusing when you’re looking for them in French on the Metro signs, but if you have a small grasp of the French language then you should be fine.


If you’re ever unsure if you are getting on the right Metro, we found it was best to double check the poster just above the doors as you step onto the Metro carriage, to see that the end destination matches the one on Google Maps.

Obviously it is a city so be prepared for the Metro to get very busy, particularly at peak commuter times- try to avoid these if you can and keep an eye out for pickpockets.



We had a really positive experience of the Metro when we visited Paris and would definitely use it again on our return to the city, it just makes exploring so much quicker and easier. Let me know if you found this post helpful and be sure to head back here on Sunday for some fun Disney snaps.




What I Wore In Paris

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently visited Paris for a few days; to explore the beautiful city, get a better feel for the language and of course stop off at Disneyland. I loved putting together some city chic outfits so I thought I’d share with you what I wore whilst I was there…




Minnie Ears Headband – Disneyland Paris, Mickey Tshirt – Primark,

Faux Leather Jacket River Island, Mom JeansTopshop,

Stan Smith TrainersAdidas




Red Earrings – Primark, Need Holidays Tee – Mango,

Faux Leather Jacket River Island, Ripped Jeans River Island,

Red Pumps – Primark, Bag Topshop.

Similar to the Mango Tee — Travelling All Around The World Tee


Top – River Island, Checked Trousers – River Island, Coat – New Look,

Stan Smith Trainers Adidas, Bag Topshop.

Similar to the Top — Double Strap Cross Back Vest Top

Similar to the Trousers — Belted Checked Trousers , Check Tie Waist Trousers

Similar to the Coat — Button Detail Coat

PhotoBook | Cows and Stiles

Oh Hi. Welcome to a new little concept.

Every once in a while I’m going to start publishing ‘PhotoBook’ posts which enable me to share with you a series of photographs of something that I’ve done recently. Similar to ‘A Day In The Life’ type videos you’d find over on Youtube.

It gives me a little bit of space to share my photography with you, for you to see what I get up to and somewhere for me to document my adventures.

I hope you enjoy these few photographs from a walk I went on recently as part of my training to walk The Three Peaks.


walkk editstyle editwall editcow editsit editstream editedit walksheep editphone editedit crosbyjump edit

You can find more of my photographs on my Instagram page, Leah Pelly.

Review | BirchBox

One of my absolute favourite things is trying out and finding new beauty faves, so when my friend gifted me a three month subscription to BirchBox for my birthday I was so excited. As I started to fall in love with the beautifully packaged goodies each month, I decided that I’d have to share with you my beauty subscription box experience.

birchbox box

As I got my subscription as a gift I received my first box for my birthday tailored to questions my friend had answered for me when she ordered it. I was then able to edit my account, tailoring my BirchBox to me by answering a series of questions covering everything from my complexion, if I had dyed hair to my personal style. I feel like there was just enough questions to build a detailed profile but also, it skipped the ‘what zodiac sign are you’ type questions that have no relevance, which made setting up my account quick and easy.

Once I’d answered the questions I was all set up, to await next month’s box. And something which made receiving my BirchBox more exciting and actually quite helpful was that they send you a little email when your box is out for delivery – giving you something to look forward to throughout the day. Is it just me or does anybody else think that there’s nothing quite like knowing you have a nice little package of goodies waiting for you when you get home?

birchbox flatlay 1

The nice thing that I found about BirchBox, is that once your box arrives and you’ve had a little try of that month’s products you can rate each item in your ‘my boxes’ section on your profile and BirchBox will treat you to free delivery on your next box, plus a free mystery beauty product. Which is a win win really; you get to tell BirchBox exactly what you’ve been loving and you get another little treat out of it..bonus.

BirchBox is full of these sweet deals. If you fall in love with one of the products you’ve sampled in your box you can get 10% off the full size item at The BirchBox Shop. And once you order 6 boxes in a row you’ll become a ‘BirchBox VIP’ which entitles you to 15% off everything!

for insta edit

I couldn’t write a review of these little cuties without mentioning the adorable box designs that vary each month. The February box pictured here was 70s themed with purple and orange psychedelic flowers, as BirchBox celebrated beauty through the ages. Other box designs this month included a bold 80s pink and purple graphic and a fun 90s white and pink geometric print.

My favourite box that I’ve received so far, was definitely the collaboration with Ohh Deer in January which featured a pink flamingo and green leaf print, it was the true definition of the heart eyes emoji.

Any of the little boxes could be reused to store your new found beauty goodies or up-cycled into something else. If you’re the artsy kind, why not try gluing the boxes together to sit on top of one another, to create a quirky set of small desk drawers.

products and flower

So what was in my February Box?

In my February box I received 5 new beauty products; Luseta coconut milk hair mask, Percy & Reed hair finishing polish, The Beauty Crop trio eye shadow palette, Model Co. conceal and correct pencil and Marcelle gentle make-up remover for sensitive eyes. I’ve been loving the coconut milk hair mask as I haven’t really dived into the world of hair care and hair masks before – something I probably should do with dyeing my hair every month, but I’ve really been loving how this product leaves my hair feeling so soft and smelling amazing.

I’m not going to go into a review of the products individually as I wanted to let you all know of the idea and process behind BirchBox but if you’d like to see a review of monthly products in the future drop me a comment down below.

products in box

The only major issue I had with BirchBox was that the eyeshadow palette I received (featured in these photos) arrived shattered. However, once I sent a quick email to them explaining what had happened, along with a photo of the product they were more than happy to send me out a new replacement palette, which arrived promptly, and in one piece.

I’m definitely looking into setting up my own subscription soon and would love to here of any beauty subscription boxes you guys have tried and loved.

BirchBox – www.birchbox.co.uk

Galentine’s Day

I’ll be honest I was kind of dreading Valentines Day this year, everything is so in your face ‘relationshippy’ and ‘oh look you’re very single’ orientated. But after moping around for a while, and seeing some Galentine’s posts, I came to the realisation that this is a perfect time to celebrate the amazing women in my life and most importantly my best friend who has been through so much with me.

flat lay edit 1

The Best Friend

In case you guys didn’t know Frankie’s the one who tends to take my photographs for me (I’ll leave her links at the bottom). But aswell as being the gal behind my photographs, she’s also been there for me through some of my most wildest, and happiest times. She is one of the most supportive people I know and despite her recent move to Nottingham is always there for me. So seeing as though it’s International Women’s day soon too, I just wanted to share with you this strong, inspirational gal and some throwback photos of ours.

collage cute 1

cute collage 2

Please excuse all bad hairstyles and stupid faces in these photographs, we were young and adventurous.

How We Spent The Day

We decided to celebrate Galentine’s day by having a super cute day in the city- wondering the shops in Valentines themed red and pink outfits, a cheeky Starbucks and silly photo booth pictures, followed by a night in with some face masks and overly cheesy films. I captured snippets of our day over on my insta story- if you haven’t seen it already you can watch it here.

galentines insta

Tshirt – Boohoo – £10, Shoes – Primark

frankies outfit edit

Bodysuit – Boohoo – £18, Boots – Primark


We loved playing with colour this Valentines Day and slayed in bold pinks and reds. We found that Boohoo had a great selection of pieces that were bright and playful and suited both of our individual styles. Again, full outfit photos can be found over on my insta stories.

I’d love to hear about how you spent Valentine’s Day, whether it’s in the comments or over on instagram 🙂

Happy Galentine’s Day to all those strong independent women out there.


Frankie’s Instagram – frankiethephotographer

Frankie’s Facebook Page – frankiethephotographer


The Green EDIT

Although there’s still snow on the ground here, I’m so looking forward to Spring in all it’s light jacket glory. I’m dreaming of the days I can wear my leather jacket without two extra layers underneath and my converse without my toes turning into tiny icicles.

I love playing around with colour in Spring and a key trend I’ve noticed popping up along the high street is this lovely shade of green. It’s safe to say that I’m becoming a little bit obsessed with it, especially since I recently purchased a pair of Adidas Stan Smith green and white trainers. So for this extra post of the week I’m going to share with you all the stunning green pieces I’ve found and what’s on my wish list for Spring 2018.

outfit two

Shirt Dress – H & M – £29.99, Bag – River Island – £35, Necklace – Accessorize – £15, Shoes – River Island – £32

Ok, so maybe a little bit of a white lie.  This outfit’s more Summer than Spring, well for England’s Spring it is. This outfit would be perfect to pack for a February getaway to a hotter climate or for a city chic weekend this Summer. The pops of green in the shoes and bag will transform the white shirt dress into a fun, sophisticated, easy to wear outfit.

outfit three

Jeans – Topshop – £40, Earrings – New Look – £7.99, Top – River Island – £30, Boots – Public Desire – £39.99

This outfit screams Spring. These Libby Boots from Public Desire are high on my wish list at the moment, and paired with these cropped wide leg jeans will create a perfect elongated silhouette. To further rock this girl boss vibe I decided to pair them with this stunning green bell sleeve wrap crop top and statement earrings. Finish this look with a messy bun and you’re good to go.


outfit one

Jeans– Mango – £35.99, Shirt – River Island – £35, Sunglasses – River Island – £16, Shoes – Next – £38

I found these dreamy shoes thanks to Laura over at Laura’s Little Locket ( You can find her Instagram here). Laura featured the leopard print versions on her Insta and I fell in love with them. I decided to pair the white version with this split sleeve white and green stripe shirt, which strangely reminds me of a shirt my Nan used to wear years ago, and these rather quirky retro style sunglasses from River Island. This outfit is definitely the sort of thing I’d choose to wear to go shopping or to head to a family meal in.

Below are a few other fabby green pieces I’ve stumbled across.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SkortJacketSkirt TeeShoes

I hope you enjoyed this different style of post and let me know if there’s any green pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve been loving recently.


Disclaimer- All images used in this post are not my own and have been taken from the Retailers’ websites and so all copyright is theirs.

The One Item You Need To Purchase In The Sales

There’s nothing quite like finding an absolute bargain in the sales. And as January comes to a close I’m here to let you know about the sale you need to check out before it’s too late. Public Desire currently have a sale on, slashing their prices, starting from £9.99 across all sale footwear.

edit 1 done

For a few months I’d been lusting after these regal lace up ankle boots when they were full price at £39.99, so when I saw them for £10 in the sale there was no questioning. These boots are even more gorgeous in real life. They have beautiful embossed floral detailing along the faux leather and a pink and red patterned tip on the pointed toe. These shoes are a definite statement and jazz up any plain outfit.

edit 2 done

I decided to pair these lace up boots with some blue mom jeans, a staple black roll neck tee and a red clear bag, but these boots would look just as chic if they were teamed with skinny jeans and an over sized shirt- the stiletto heel really helps to elongate your silhouette. Keep an eye out for them as I plan to feature them in future fashion posts.

edit 4 done

These boots are currently out of stock but the black and denim are still available- you can find them at the links below. These would be perfect if you’re after a more wearable colour.

black regal lace up ankle boots

distressed denim regal lace up ankle boots

edit 5 doneeeeee

Here are some other pieces I’ve been loving in the public desire sale. Click on the images to visit them on the public desire website.

emily louisa sidney

Let me know below of any bargains you’ve found in the sale or any public desire shoes you’re loving.